by G. Scott O’Connell

August 30, 2021

This is the first of a series of posts presenting reasons against building the so-called Full Send Bike Ranch.

The Full Send bike park (not “ranch” – ask any local rancher) expects 700 or more motor vehicles a day at its proposed 250-acre site, located 2.2 miles west of Jefferson County Highway 73 on Shadow Mountain Drive.

To date, over 3,100 Conifer Area residents disapprove and have signed a petition to the County Planning Commission opposing the park.

This letter discusses one of perhaps a score of reasons not to build the park. There are, possibly, two in its favor: neither of which benefit area residents.

If the park is opened, the frequency of traffic accidents, injuries, and fatalities must increase in the months of April through October — the bike park’s “season” — from those 700 motor vehicles traversing each way on this shoulder-less, two-lane stretch of road. There are around ten blind curves and numerous hidden entrances to driveways as the road winds along the steep, lower slope of Shadow Mountain.

In April, September and October, and parts of May and August, that is, while Jefferson County School District is in session, these vehicles will pass through at least one active school bus stop, directly in front of West Jeff Elementary School, and through the intersection of Barkley Rd. with S. Hurty Ave., Hurty being a main route toward West Jeff Middle School. It is possible they will clog the junction of S. Warhawk Rd with Shadow Mountain Drive.

Finally, the park plans to serve alcoholic beverages on-site, further increasing risk to residents, park patrons, wildlife, and property.

Jefferson County residents may send their opinions to the Jefferson County planning commissioners directly.

Anyone can explore to learn more about the adverse effects of the bike park on residents, infrastructure, and local ecosystems. provides information about the park, itself.

G. Scott O’Connell

Conifer Area Resident