Jeffco’s Process



This project cannot proceed without approval from the Jeffco Planning Commission, the Jeffco County Commissioners, and lastly from the Colorado State Land Board.

The property is currently zoned A-2 or Agricultural. This means the developers will have to receive a special use permit in order to build a bike park; there is no use by right for a bike park on A-2 zoned property. 

Below is the timeline for Jeffco’s process to approve a special use permit. This is the process the bike park developers will have to follow.


Janaury 5, 2021

(You are reading this right, the first presentation by the developers was over three years ago)

Pre-Application Community Meeting

This was the first community meeting that was held – ultimately the developers didn’t submit an application in time, they have 1 year to submit, and had to host a second community meeting. Here are the slides that were presented at the meeting.


July 27, 2022

Pre-Application Community Meeting #2

The presentation the developers gave was not made available to the public.


January 23, 2023

Developers Submitted Application

You can view the entire initial application that was filed with Jeffco here. The application is over 450 pages, for a shorter read you can view the cover letter and application narrative here which is 15 pages.


June 5, 2023

Jeffco Staff & Referral Responses Received

View the county’s planning and zoning department response here and read all of the responses here


December 8, 2023

Developers File Response to 1st Referral Comments

View the developers’ response to the 1st referral comments here.


January 22, 2024

A 30-day extension is possible

Jeffco Staff & 2nd Referral Responses Due

You can read all of the responses on our Learn More page about the Bike Park.


April 22, 2024

Developers Respond To 2nd Referral Comments

View the developers’ response to the 2nd referral comments here.


June 17, 2024

A 30-day extension is possible

Jeffco Staff & 3nd Referral Responses Due

Jeffco has 21 days to complete their 3rd referral process. During this process the County will send out the developers’ application and responses to the 1st & 2nd referral to internal and external agencies asking them for any additional concerns. 



Before December 14, 2024

A 180-day extension is possible

Developers Respond To 3rd Referral Comments


It is possible for the County to do a 4th Referral Process Here


2024 or 2025

Public Hearing Preparation

The next 31 days will be used for the County, the developers and the neighbors to prepare for the first public hearing.


2024 or 2025

No sooner than end of July 2024

1st Public Hearing
Jeffco Planning Commission 

This will be our first opportunity for the County to hear all of our concerns about the bike park. Before this time please send an email to the County letting them know of your concerns.


2024 or 2025

2nd Public Hearing
Jeffco County Commissioners

Regardless of how the Jeffco Planning Commission rules the developers can request a hearing with the Jeffco County Commissioners. This will be our second chance to make sure the County Commissioners know all of our concerns about the bike park development.


When dealing with land use cases there are a lot of rules that Jeffco has to follow. You can see all of them in the zoning resolution, available here. You will want to pay particular attention to Section 6 about the Special Use process, which is what process the developers are going through. In section 6-D you will see there are five reasons that Jeffco can deny the developer’s application; the reasons are listed below.  Stop the Bike Park has been and will continue to be focused on putting together an excellent case for denying the application when we go in front of the Jeffco Planning Commission on why this development violates all 5 reasons. There are many more reasons why we oppose this development but only these five reasons can be why Jeffco denies the special use permit.



The compatibility with existing and allowable land uses in the surrounding area.


The degree of conformance with applicable land use plans.


The ability to mitigate negative impacts upon the surrounding area.


The availability of infrastructure and services.


The effect upon the health, safety, and welfare of the residents and landowners in the surrounding area.


Jeffco Planning and Zoning has a new website, here is how to locate all of the documents associated with the Shadow Mountain Bike Park rezoning application. We can no longer link to a specific document in the folder so we will download the most critical documents and make them available on our website but this tutorial is so you are able to view all of the documents.

1) Go the Citizen Portal at
2) Select Planning & Zoning Search

3) Select Certificates & Documents
4) Go down to Search for Public Document By Case Number and enter our case number 23-102980 and then rezoning.
5) Now click search
6) You can then click on Public Documents to be taken to all of the files.

Of interest:

(Please note there are a lot of folders with subfolders – we have used italics below to highlight the name of the folder that you will want to click on)

Developers’ Application – The entire application is in the 1. Application Documents – Sufficiency Review and then 1 Initial Submittal

Referral Agency Responses – These are available in the 3. Review Process – Agency Comments then 1st Referral and then 3 Response to Applicant

In this folder is the response from the Planner overseeing the process which sums up what the developers need to do in order to get the staff’s support for the project. (Spoiler Alert – there is still a lot that they need to do.) This document is named First Referral Response (RZ).pdf

Developers’ Response To 1st Referral – These are available in the 0.2 Current Referral Documents and then 2nd Referral 

Citizen Comments – These are the letters in support or opposition to the project that have been submitted. You can view all of them (there are over 500 hundred) by clicking on the 4. Correspondence (to-from applicant, citizens) and then 3. Citizen Comments